GLAMOUR Furniture has registered a significant level of growth in the Classical Furniture sector and has established the target of constantly raising the bar and becoming one of the indispensable alternatives in Classical Furniture. GLAMOUR Furniture has always been one of the pioneers in the Classical Furniture sector.

As a manufacturer company, GLAMOUR Furniture acknowledges the fact that Classical Furniture is a life style and that it requires the most delicate mastery of artisanship. It combines the mastery of the past with the technology of the present in its Classical Furniture designs, upholding the highest standards for hand workmanship, an essential characteristic of Classical Furniture, in order to raise its manufacturing quality to a level of perfection.

In order to maintain its justified and prestigious place as a leader in the furniture sector, GLAMOUR Furniture closely monitors the sector’s global trends in design and manufacturing technologies, combines the Classical Furniture styles with changing modern tastes and demands, while at the same time managing to preserve a unique identity in its designs and earning the popularity of its followers and admirers.

At GLAMOUR Furniture we are very sensitive towards our customers’ tastes and demands for Classical Furniture, and we regard these demands as important factors contributing to the improvement and shaping of our products.

You are valuable to us.